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Terms and Conditions

I. Preliminary regulations

These terms and conditions of sale and delivery (hereinafter referred to as: ‘terms and conditions’) apply to a purchase of products from Elsa´s Sports company, Ltd., principal place of business in U Stadionu 1139/14, Rousínov 683 01, company registration number: 26942194, registered in Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court of Law in Brno, Section C, File No. 46424 (hereinafter referred to as: ‘the company’).

II. The order and the contract

1. The order of the goods listed on the website www.jersey53.cz and of those which the buyer may order according to his or her own ideas and individual requirements is placed at the company by means of the ordering form. The buyer may contact the company in case of non-obligation inquiry concerning the goods via e-mail or telephone. When making a binding order the customer will always be redirected to use the ordering form.

2. The buyer must specify his or her requirements completely and precisely in the ordering form including details about the number of ordered items, their sizes etc. The integral part of the order is a graphic design of the product. Firstly, the buyer shall enter preliminary data specifying the style, type of the collar, the used material etc. Subsequently, the company will use these data to create a graphic design of the product in several variants. These designs will be sent to the buyer to approve. If the buyer does not accept any of the offered designs, the original design of the company is further adjusted according to the buyer´s requirements. The company recommends that the buyer always follow the instructions provided in the section of ordering and delivery.

3. The company reserves the right to place its logo on every single item of its production.  It is possible to agree on different arrangements for a fee which shall be specified in advance.

4. The company is not responsible for logos delivered by the buyer and it is not responsible for the usage and placement of the logos. The rights to the logos must be solved strictly by the buyer, not the company.

5. The final version of the graphic form of the product is the one which is authorised (approved of) by the buyer as the last one in the ordering form. By this authorisation the order becomes binding. Any further changes proposed by the buyer need to be approved by the company. If the buyer requires any changes after the initiation of the production of the order, the buyer becomes responsible for covering any expenses which arise from this situation. The buyer will be notified of these expenses by the company including the expenses into the final clearance.

6. Under the terms the binding order is regarded as a proposed contract (depending on the individual cases a sales contract or a contract for work) regarding the products listed in the order including its graphic design. The contract, regarding the production and delivery of the listed goods, is concluded between the company and the buyer at the moment when the company confirms the order to the buyer and agrees with the proposed contract.

III. Delivery of the goods

It is possible to receive the ordered goods in the following ways:
•    Collecting in person at the principal place of the company
•    Czech post – parcel delivery to hand (cash on delivery)
•    Shipping company – preferably via the TNT company unless agreed otherwise
•    Courier service of the Czech Railways

IV. Payment conditions

It is possible to carry out your payment in the following ways:
•    In cash when collecting in person
•    Cash on delivery to the delivering company
•    Bank transfer – the goods will be sent off after your payment is credited to our account
•    Invoice – only in case of long-term and verified cooperation
The shipping prices correspond to the current price lists of the delivery companies.

V. Delivery conditions

1.    The goods are delivered in 2 to 3 weeks´ time unless agreed otherwise.
2.    In case of the cash on delivery the buyer pays the purchase price at the time of delivery.
3.    The company reserves the right to extend the delivery time in special cases originating from superior power or in situations when it is impossible to deliver the goods in the estimated time period because of objective reasons. In such a case the buyer will be notified.
4.    The company reserves the right to decline an order of non-standard or speculative composition or volume.
5.    If the company does not manage to deliver the goods to the destination stated in the order by the buyer, or if the buyer does not take delivery of the goods at the stated place, it is the buyer´s duty to cover any expenses incurred by the delivery to the buyer-required place stated in the order and back to the company.
6.    The property right to the goods and the risk of damage to the goods passes to the buyer at the moment of taking the delivery of the goods from the company or from the delivery company.

VI. Guarantee, faulty goods, warranty claims, statutory deadline for returning goods

1. The buyer is obliged to properly take the delivery of the ordered goods from the delivery company (in case of collecting in person directly from the company), to check that the covers are undamaged and to confirm to the delivery company (or the company) the number of items/packages and affirm accepting the goods.
Any deficiencies or faults of goods must be reported to the company at the following address immediately:

Elsa’s Sports, Ltd.
U Stadionu 1139/14
68301  Rousínov
Or on e-mail: info@jersey.cz

2. It is the buyer´s right to exchange the goods in case that at the delivery the goods do not feature qualities usual to the ordered kind of goods. The warranty and potential defect claims are subject to the corresponding legal regulations. To claim warranty it is necessary to present the claimed product and the sales receipt. Only obvious defects of the goods can be acknowledged as sensory faults and these must be claimed by the buyer at the company during the period of three days from the goods´ delivery and only if the goods are presented to the company. For the purposes of these terms any other defects are seen as faults which occur after the delivery and acceptance of the goods. The company is not responsible for these faults. Unless agreed otherwise, faults and warranty relationships between the company and the buyer conform to the relevant regulations of the Civil Code and/or the Commercial Code.

3. After the delivery the company is not responsible for damages caused by the buyer storing or using the goods in an unsuitable way. Unsuitable usage is also a common use of the goods which does not follow the company-provided instructions concerning the usage of the goods and their maintenance.  

Procedure of claiming the warranty:

It is necessary to claim the warranty within the set period of time.
The warranty claim must meet all the necessary requirements (description of the fault, a copy of the invoice and other documents).
Send the goods as recorded delivery back to the company´s principal place address. Do not send the goods as cash on delivery.
If the fault of the goods cannot be repaired the company will produce a new order on its own expenses.
Based on mutual agreement it is also possible to refund the price of the order to the buyer.
The warranty claim is usually dealt with in the shortest possible time after the goods return back to the principal place of the company, 30 days at the latest.
It is not possible to claim warranty when the goods are commonly worn out as a result of their ordinary use.

VII. Final provisions

1. The company is authorised to adjust and change the terms and conditions according to its considerations. The company reserves the right of printer´s errors and the right to alter prices in case of exchange rates changes, distinct growth of inflation or major changes of supplier conditions of other producers and suppliers of the goods.
The decisive terms for the contract purposes are those published by the company at www.jersey53.cz at the date of making the order by the buyer.

2. By creating an order the buyer accepts without reservations all the regulations of the terms and conditions which are valid at the day when the order is made.

3. The company does not charge the buyer either for visiting the website www.jersey53.cz or for sending an order.

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