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Application Types


The technology of sublimation print enables textile printing in digital quality. FIrst, the motif is transmitted onto sublimation paper and then applied into the fabric using high pressure and temperature. This process is called thermal sublimation. As a result the motif becomes part of the material and the lifespan of the print is in fact identical to the lifespan of the fabric. When using this technology the number of printed logos, signs or numbers doesn´t influence or increase the price.


Flex technique uses unicolour iron-on vynil film, suitable for numbers applying or for making larger logos etc. The vynil film is cut on a cutting plotter machine and then it's ironed on the textile via a transfer press. These printings are soft and they are resistant to mechanical damage. These printings cannot be ironed.

Digiflex required motive is applied via an eco solvent print onto a special iron-on vynil film. Afterwards it is ironed onto the textile via the transfer press. After the ironing the vynil film gets impressive shine and the structure of the underlying fabric. It is suitable for smaller signs and logos with full colours.


Machine embroidery is a traditional technology of applying logos onto a textile. We embroider using Japanese embroiding machines TAJIMA. Primarily, we use MADEIRA threads offering about 600 shades of different strength and material.


Tackle Twill is a traditional technology of applying numbers and names according to the pattern of NHL and MBL. The numbers and names are machine-cut and then manually attached and sewn onto the textile in up to three layers. This technique is mostly used to achieve a unique and professional design of ice-hockey and baseball jerseys.


This is a modern technology for creating complex logos without the possibility of machine embroidery use. This procedure is used when the applique needs to look more professional than it would using the Digi Flex or Thermo Transfer techniques. The used material is identical to the one used in Tackle Twill technique, however, in this case it is digitally sublimed and the edges are then manually or mechanically hemmed. The logo is then sewn onto the textile.


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