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Our company was set up in 2004 and since then we have managed to become one of the biggest world producers of sports clothing using a technology of sublimation fabric printing.
To ensure the highest possible quality and usability of our products we follow current trends and innovations in the field, cooperate with leading sports teams as well as individuals and we work with textile specialists.

Although the initial focus of the Elsa´s Sports company, who produces Jersey53 clothing, was ice hockey. The Elsa´s Sports company, who produces Jersey53 clothing, initially focused on ice hockey area and hockey players are still our most frequent customers. Nevertheless, we have gradually widened our scope of activity and started to supply floorball, ice hockey, baseball, volleyball, cycling and other teams in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

The Jersey53 trademark is directly represented in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, USA, Canada and Japan.


At the turn of the 80´s and 90´s of the last century there were two schoolmates at a hockey school in Úvoz in Brno. These students, Tomáš Vorel and Martin Roupec, had no idea they would eventually become partners in hockey business. Tomáš became a promoter of a new sports branch of floorball, he played in Brno Bulldogs team and he became one of the first floorball representatives of the Czech Republc. Martin went on playing ice hockey and he represented several Moravian clubs. They met again after several years in Scotland. Tomáš was owned a sports products shop and Martin worked as a youth coach. They returned back home and in 2004 they decided to set up a shared company producing ice hockey jerseys.


The sports clothing we produce is made of fabrics woven in our own weaving shop. Consequently, we are able to adapt to new trends and conditions without prolonged negotiations with suppliers.
The manual fabric cutting is mostly replaced by machine cutter which enables precise and fast proceeding of this basic operation. The cut parts are printed with an Italian rotary sublimation press Monti Antonio and a Japanese large format printer Mimaki. On the other hand, we rely on the skilful seamstresses who sew the individual parts together. We also appreciate the ingenuity of our designers and graphic artist. As a result we are able to fulfil even very special requests and demands of our clients.


Thanks to our cooperation with active athletes we are on the top of sports branch development. At the same time we care about recreation sports people and team supporters, for whom we create a range of accessories and souvenirs (caps, bags, backpacks, scarfs, pendants...).
We realize that the future of sport dwells in  the upbringing of new generations of athletes. We sponsor for example the hockey centre of youth at the sports school Brno – Úvoz and others...

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